76 Hawaii

76 is known for quality gasoline and clean, well lit stations. With seventy locations throughout the State and growing, 76 is raising convenience and quality to a whole new level. Now everything you need from 76 is in the palm of your hand. Well almost everything, we haven’t quite yet figured out how to fill your tank through your smart phone

But, for everything else, like…Wondering what gas prices are? Hungry and want to know the specials for today? Need to check your Kama’aina Rewards point balance? Gotta fill up and find the closest station fast? Just wanna tell us what you think?

Just click and get all your answers now. Get a 76 Hawaii mobile app; become a 76 Fan on Facebook, follow 76 on Twitter, sign up to receive promotions via Text message or email. Pick your favorite or sign up for all. Take control and get what you need when you need it.

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